Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Swedish addiction to tealights...

It's raining here today and it's actually feels a bit dark inside. My Swedish self goes on automatic to "cozy mode" - maybe I should lit some candles?! Lighting candles is something you do in Sweden in fall and winter time when the sun is low on the sky, often hidden by rainy or snowy clouds. I kind of miss that actually (well, not the clouds - the cozy candles!).

And every Swede that goes to IKEA always pick up a big pack of tealights by pure habit (called "warming candles") since you use them ALL the time.

So when IKEA opened in San Francisco, that's one of the things we bought. Without thinking much about about it. It was July. In California. +40C outside. And rainy days are rare. But some habits are really hard to break. We have a cabinet full of unopened big packs with tealights.

(100 tealights, only $2.99 at IKEA).

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Annika said...

OH YEAH, OH YEAH!!!! SOOOO true!!! Värmeljus from IKEA is nothing but a must for us Swedes living abroad. Every time i go to IKEA I just HAVE to HAVE another bag of the tea-lights. AND, you do go thru them, like crazy! Same here today: rain, 8¤C, so GRAY. Cozy-mode it is! Loving it...
Billiga och bra små värmeljus...Kolla bara vad dem kostar på tex Pottery barn!!!