Saturday, November 18, 2006

Speaking about the weather...

Another alien, Annika, whose blog I check out every day to read about everyday life on the other side of this continent, has had some pretty bad weather passing by the last few days. That made me think about Swedish people almost always talking about the weather.

I spoke to a Swedish friend today and sure enough... :

Swedish alien: "Hi! Long time since I spoke to you, how are you, what's new?"
Swedish friend on the other end: "Well, let's see, it's been kind of cold but then the sun came out and we haven't seen the rain for a while, so it's been pretty nice"
Swedish alien: "Mhm, but how about YOU"
Swedish friend on the other end: "Me?? Well, I'm fine, but then when it rained bla bla bla...".

Ok, so I'm over exaggerating. A bit. But still.

I like to think I'm slowly breaking the habit, since most of the year we have "hot and sunny" in our weather forecasts and it really isn't much to talk about (but I'm not quite sure... friends and family probably get an updated weather report when calling here as well...).

But once the weather talk is done, the conversation can continue about the important stuff in life!

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Annika said...

I am laughing here at the East Coast reading you post. How true it rings! How Swedish we are...

Gosh, I'd better lay low on my weather posts for a while...(harkel, host)