Friday, November 17, 2006

Skyping an airplane...

I just had a 45 minute long conversation with my friend, aboard the SAS flight between New York and Stockholm.

Isn't that just so cool!?

We were using Skype, which is my alien tool to keep in instant touch with friends and family in Sweden. I just love that little software - so simple, so easy and so great!

Too bad he didn't have a camera in his hand luggage, then I would have been able to peak into an airplane in mid air! Not that there is too much going on up there (he was being served breakfast at the time), but just the thought that it can be done... He could see me in my office from up there.

Earlier today my daughter drew grandmom a picture and wanted to give to her. Not an easy thing considering the distance of 8506 km (according to Google Earth, another absolutely, fantastic thing). No problem, my 3-year old said, let's catch an airplane. I suggested she could skype grandmom instead. Slightly easier...

My 3-year old (whose knowledge of technical things both amazes and scares me... will she be a hacker when she grows up??) uses Skype with ease. She might not be able to write more than her name and other small simple words, but that doesn't stop her. She sends ecomotions, write long rows of letters she claims has a specific meaning and patiently waits for the other persons reply (she managed the "drag and drop" and "double-click" when she was 2,5 and now turns on the computer and opens Firefox and check out the latest games on SesameStreet on her own...).

She simply showed grandmom the drawing with the video camera. Problem solved!

Don't you just love living right now?!


Annika said...

Yes, girl! I love living right now. All the stuff that is availiable to us. Simply amazing!

And you "Skyped" a friend on the SAS flight...My, my....

We don't have Skype in my home. But, it sounds like we should(get it)...

Anonymous said...

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