Thursday, November 09, 2006

The land of the Ice 1

Well, it's true you need a straw if you're drinking something with an ice (whiskey on the rocks might be the exception to that rule...). Bu the question is, what comes first, the ice or the straw....

When we were buying our house and was looking for a refrigerator, we actually tried to find one without the inbuilt ice machine... We thought it took so much space out of the freezer part, thinking it very unnecessary (we would rather keep an extra package of Swedish meatballs there...). Well. There are none. No refrigerators here comes without the ice machine.

Many of our Swedish guests are very impressed when they visit. "An ice machine!" (in Sweden an inbuilt ice machine is a luxury item).

Now we love our ice machine, we're veteran US aliens now. What were we thinking!? No ice machine?!

But we still think it's possible to drink a glass of soda without ice... and without a straw.

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Annika said...

Hey Girl! I have an ice-machine , too. I wouldn't want to be without that thing either. However, I do drink all my drinks without a straw, yes even the drinks with ice in ;-)
Du har rätt, svenskar som hälsar på blir alltid impade av ismaskinen! Fast, attans vad den tar plats i frysen...