Thursday, November 23, 2006

Julmust - a taste that brings back memories

I got a whole box of julmust (jul=christmas, must= hm... must) at IKEA the other day and last night I just had to have some!

This very Swedish beverage that taste like... hm.... ? You drink it at Christmas and Easter (then called "Easter must"), and hardly ever at any other occasions. Maybe that's what makes the taste so special and brings back so many memories. For me, a Christmas freak, it's like "drinking Christmas"... every sip takes me back in time. I'm not really sure I actually really like it, but it is such a part of Christmas that I don't even notice (but I doubt I would ever want it in say February...).

I got it at IKEA here for the first time two years ago (sometimes you really wonder WHO other than alien Swedes that buy some of the "weird" stuff at the Swede Food Store at IKEA), and I now realize that I have never had any of my American friends taste it. Hm. Note to self, have to invite them over for Swedish pepparkakor and julmust and hear their opinions.

Well, it can't be worse than root beer...


Lotta K said...

hahhaha root beer is the worst! and boy do the americans get offended when you say that. I think it tastes like pepsi with a squeeze of toothpaste.

Malin said...

Julmust ÄR jul! (Kan man välja, är ju Apotekarnes outstanding...big difference...)

Annika said...

Root beer is like drinking tooth paste...NASTY!
And julmust is Christmas. YESS! Don't waste any "must" on Americans (in general). I once served it at a x-mas party. I don't think a single person liked it. I ended up finding half empty bottle scattered thru the house afterwards.

Och jag håller med Malin...Apotekarnes är den bästa musten!

Ola said...

Håller med dig och alla föregående kommentarörer... Julmust är rikigt gott, i alla fall på julen, men jag ahr aldrig vart sugen på det nån annan tid unde året. Och root beer smakar verkligen skit. Tandkräm i vätskeform, fast med en jävla massa socker. Så det smakar inte bara skit, det är dessutom onyttigt! Vad är poängen med root beer USA?!?! VARFÖR??!!