Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day!

Today is Election Day in the US and here in California. My friends here get to vote on who's going to be the next governor, attorney general, lieutenant governor, insurance commissioner, secretary of state, treasure among other positions. The Californians have 13 propositions to vote yes or no to (regarding things like gasoline sales tax restrictions, public campaign financing, tobacco tax, parental notification of abortion, bonds on transportation, housing, education, flood protection, sex offenders, water). They have to vote for candidates running for the the US Congress as well as a number of city councils.

I've been trying to keep up, keeping myself informed, even though I, as an Alien, am of course not eligible to vote. I don't envy the Californians, they have a lot to vote for or against in these elections. And voting is important - it's part of living in a democracy and gives you the right to have opinions.

In Sweden you only vote every four years and then you choose which political party you think should be in charge of state (riksdag), county councils (landsting) and local authorities (kommuner). You might make a vote for a specific person within the political party, but don't have to. Three ballots to cast seems like a piece of cake in comparison!

Good luck Californians on your voting today!

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Anonymous said...

There is something quite cute here in Sweden in small towns during an election and that's when the politicians sit out in their stugas and chat with people. The last election, I made sure to speak with the local politicians so I understood where they stood on things. What bothers me,however, is that you cannot simply run for office by yourself here. You have to be a party person or so it seems.