Thursday, October 26, 2006


Do you remember the TV drama "Thirtysomething"? It was one of my favorites and today I had a reason to check something about it. I realized the series premier on Swedish television was in 1989... I was still in high school! What was I thinking?! Why wasn't I enjoying my teens?? I wasn't even a 20something at the time... I can still hum the theme song (which was actually played as background music on my 30th birthday party a couple of years ago). What was it that I liked? Did I want to grow up fast - or was the other programs on Swedish public service TV too boring? When googling the show today I realized you can get it on dvd. I might put that on my wish list for Christmas... Now that I AM a 30something, will I like as much? Or will I rather watch 50something?

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Annika said...

The BEST of THE BEST!!! Absolut den bästa av alla dramaserier ngnsin! Man kunde liksom identifiera sig med alla i den serien. Den var underbar. Tack för tipset om
(Hoppas det inte gör ngt att jag kommenterar på svenska)//Annika