Saturday, October 28, 2006

I'm grown-up - I want a minivan!

I never thought much about cars. Grew up in Stockholm, lived there all my life until I landed in Northern California. Lived for 10 years in downtown Stockholm which has excellent public transportation. No need to have a car. Actually only a lot of work to have a car.

Now I live in the land of the car, hardly no public transportation in sight around here and the Car is suddenly just as important as your house. With two kids, the latest added to the family just in the recent months, I've started, for the first time in my life, wish for a specific car... Suddenly I've joined that (predominantly male I presume) group that dream of a car, turning my head when I see one, and admiringly toughing one if I managed to get up close enough... My husband is terrified - because I want a minivan (and all men know that that is the end of the road - you're definitely grown-up then, no turning back). The Nissan Quest... With automatic power sliding doors... preferably an inbuilt DVD player... sunroofs... and why not throw in one of those gps-systems when I'm at it even though I am an excellent map reader (just don't ask me about left and right).

In what color? Oh, I don't know - do they come in purple??

Had I still lived in Sweden, we would probably own (if we were not still in downtown Stockholm...) a Volvo V70, the most sold car in Sweden.

I'm pretty sure this one doesn't come in purple. But it's safe.

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