Friday, October 27, 2006

I never thought I would miss this...

When asked about what I would miss when I left Sweden for the US a couple of years ago, I could think of numerous things - friends, family, walks in my beautiful Stockholm etc etc. I never thought I would miss this little thing so much... real bathroom door locks!

I've never thought much about bathroom doors. But during my recent trip to Sweden when I could finally lock the bathroom door for real, I realized how much I miss them! First of all the bathroom doors are real - no stalls in sight! And then there is no doubt that there is someone on the other side of the door. No need to try to use you hearing or try to see feet under the door to know if you should try to open the door (which by the way always turn inwards, making the stall even smaller). Just as simple as red lights:

= feel free to go inside.
= stay away and don't push the door handle (unless the person inside takes unusually long time).

Next to falukorv, smågodis and grevéost, I really miss these locks!

1 comment:

malin2 said...

Ja, dessa underbara svenska toaletter.
Det går att låsa, det är privat och de är större.